Visualisation & Hypnosis Tracks

Background Track

48 Minutes

When to Listen – During Exercise, housework or anytime you are in a situation where it can be safely played along in the background.

Have this track playing along in the background when you are working, doing the housework or exercising.  The track relates to ending cycles of binging – yo-yoing – starving to create a new level of confidence. It is designed to help create a new healthy lifestyle and eating pattern, and the life you want and deserve, eating to live rather than living to eat.


Foody Moods

16 Minutes

When to Listen – Listen when you need a little help to overcome a binge or an unhealthy impulse food choice.

We all get those moments when we crave foods that are not good for us, I call them ‘Foody Moods’. When these moods happen, this track (only 16 minutes long), will help you overcome these feelings and re align your attitude so you can more easily stay on track with your new eating plan. The track concentrates on regaining control of your eating habits, and helps you to more easily eliminate sugar, chemicals and processed foods.


Super Self Confidence

17 Minutes

When to Listen – Listen every morning to build your self-esteem, self-confidence and positive attitude.

When we look in the mirror and don’t like what we see and we are generally feeling low, our self-esteem and confidence is usually not in a good place. This track does touch on healthy eating and weight loss success, however, it concentrates mainly on increasing your positivity and confidence so you are better equipped to deal with any life situations and will help you recharge to achieve the results you desire.


Healthy Lifestyle

21 Minutes

When to Listen – Start to listen to this track when the weight loss shows and you are on your way to a new healthy you.

Once you can start to see the pounds drop as a result of your new, healthy, nutritious eating regime, start to listen to this track daily. It concentrates on the new, clear, focused and positive mindset you now have, and how this has been successful in changing your eating patterns and you feeling fabulous.


Quick Power Exercise

3 Minutes

When to Listen – Listen when you feel out of control or negative about your day, your life or even a particular situation.

This power exercise is design to change your mental state quickly. It can be used in relation to your eating plan or any other situation going on in your life where you feel you need a quick fix to change your negative thoughts.