Summer holidays are here. We have fought those sugar cravings, gone through the cold sweats and withdrawals, we have finally kicked that sugar addiction, only to be tempted by sugary treats on our family summer holiday!

You consider your options:

◘ Not go on holidays!
◘ Downgrade to self catered so you don’t have to see those temptations daily!
◘ Consider a sun lounger as far away from the restaurants as possible.
◘ Maybe wiring your jaw to not allow any food to pass those lips?
◘ Or just say “screw it” – it is your family holiday and you are going to bloody well enjoy yourself!

The option I always choose is the latter! We do only get one chance at happiness so why should we spend so much time worrying about what we will do? Or what we think will tempt us? Or sacrificing everything we enjoy just to be skinny?

The reality is somewhat different though. I do not worry any more. Leading a low sugar lifestyle is a way of life for me now. I no longer get tempted to devour the all inclusive dessert trolley. The thought of that ice cream on the beach actually makes me thankful that it won’t be melting faster than I can eat it, running over my hands, making me all sticky and looking quite unattractive with an ice cream moustache! My taste buds have changed. The fresh fruit, the watermelon on the beach, the fresh fruit cocktails are what I want.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a glass or two of wine and I am not going to stop that! Life is for living. For me, eating so much unhealthy food did not make me feel good. Yes it satisfied my cravings, but the guilt I would feel and the way I felt about my weight would ruin any pleasure of eating those foods. I was seriously unhappy.

So yes, life is for living and to enjoy now. But leading a happy, healthier life as a result of a simple food sacrifice really is worth it!

So when those sugary treats, or any alcohol that includes sugary mixers, are available freely to you within the all inclusive hotel, think about how it will make you feel as you eat or drink them, and how will it make you feel when you come home, back to reality!

Enjoy a glass of wine or a G&T! Enjoy the delicious fresh fruit! Enjoy the salad bar and food from the grill!

More importantly, enjoy your fantastic summer holiday with your family!

Don’t think about the temptations, think about the fun, quality time to be had and the delicious flavours of the whole foods that await you!

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Don’t let yourself fall off the wagon! I can assure you, you will feel worse for it!

Happy Holidays!

Jules x