Sleep Issues

Sleep deprivation or always fatigued

Do you find yourself struggling to sleep at night? Your body or your mind seem wide awake and you toss and turn desperate for sleep knowing you are likely to spend another day feeling exhausted?

Or are you always tired no matter how much sleep you seem to get?

You might be putting these sleep issues down to being overworked and various life stresses, but in many instances, the food you eat will play a contributing factor to feeling fatigued. 

Our Process

The 3-step process is used for all clients. The health concern will always be different. The goals will always be different. But the objective will always be the same; to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Step 1

We will have a personal consultation to talk over your current lifestyle habits and mindset, highlighting any past or current changes and concerns. Whether you are always tired or wired, the food you eat will play a contributing factor to too much or too little sleep.

Step 2

I may look to perform some blood sugar tests if I feel this may be a cause for concern. Once we have identified your habits and lifestyle patterns we then work through your goals and targets. Remember this is not a diet so goals and targets will be for a lifestyle change.

Step 3

With all information in hand, I will then work on a tailored, personalised programme for you, with a full schedule of meal plans, recipes, 121 support if needed, worksheets, educational materials and so much more to get your new, healthy habits formed.

To take your health into your own hands, join my 12 month Refresh programme today!

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