121 Health Coaching

£550.00 £225.00

121 personalised health coaching. Full intensive, 3-monthly programme tailored around your lifestyle needs and choices.


Do you suffer with any of the categories listed in my Nutritional Areas? Are you able to adjust your lifestyle food habits to help you manage your illness or issues? Is weight a big concern for you?

It is really difficult changing our eating habits when it is all we have done for so many years. If you struggle with this but you really are keen to turn your life around for the better, my 121 Health Coaching would be perfect for you.

I mentor and guide you throughout your whole process. I am on hand to stop any wobbles you may have and get you living a new, healthier and happier lifestyle.

For one minute close your eyes and focus on this vision…

“What would your life look like if you didn’t have to deal with your current health issues?”

Maybe you have more energy to play with your kids or grandkids…

Maybe you are getting a full, decent night’s sleep and you wake jumping out of bed and raring to go…

Maybe you are able to manage your IBS better without worrying about when the next flare up may arise…

Do you feel good? Do you feel happy?

YES!!! Surely your health is worth the little investment!


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