JSF Introduction Programme & Recipe Booklet

Do you find yourself craving sugar? Are you eating food and finding you are still hungry an hour later? If so, you are probably eating foods that lack healthy nutrients and you may even be addicted to sugar. So many processed foods these days have added sugar, as a nation we consume far more than the NHS recommended 30g (7 tsp) of sugar, which has knock on negative effects on our bodies.

If this is you and you want to cut sugar out of your diet for any health or lifestyle reason, my Introduction Programme is the starting plan that you need. It is packed with advice on what small changes you can start to make, and the sample eating plan gives you a week of delicious foods all low sugar.

The Programme – The Joy of Sugar Freedom (JSF) lifestyle programme is perfect for you. Whether your main goal is to drop a few pounds, a few stone, or to just cut out sugar for health reasons, the programme and recipes will help you plan and stay on track.

The Recipe Booklet – The sample eating plan and suggested recipes offer a healthy balance of nutrients. The booklet includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and even after dinner delight recipes, along with snacking and food swap ideas.

This plan is so easy, you simply click here to pop to our shop and download these booklets. With a special price of £9.95 (RRP. £19.95), what are you waiting for?