Cookery Classes

Low Sugar Cookery Lessons

The Joy of Sugar Freedom (JSF) Programme has been designed to eliminate processed foods, most sugars, unhealthy fats and chemicals from your every day diet. This can be very challenging as people always ask, “So what can I eat?” My lessons can be individually tailored to suit your needs; whether you choose to eliminate sugars slowly or you simply go cold turkey, I can be adapted the lesson to accommodate the plan of your choice.


3 Hour Private Cookery Lesson at Mine or Yours
  • £75 for 1 Person
  • £140 for 2 Persons
  • £200 for 3 Persons
  • £250 for 4 Persons


Private Dinner Party Catering

In addition to the cookery lessons, I also provide a catering service for corporate or private parties. With many switching to a low sugar lifestyle, I can incorporate this into the catering package for you, offering the highest quality, natural foods. Price on application as each party is bespoke.



To arrange a cookery lesson or dinner party catering, please do get in touch now!