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Men & Diets

It’s hard to recall a time that weight loss and diets have come up in conversation between myself and my close group of friends, and believe me its not as though we’re too busy conversing on social issues or the economic climate; they do exist, but why don’t we ever...

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Staying On The Sugar Free Wagon

Summer holidays are here. We have fought those sugar cravings, gone through the cold sweats and withdrawals, we have finally kicked that sugar addiction, only to be tempted by sugary treats on our family summer holiday! You consider your options: ◘ Not go on holidays!...

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68% Of Men Are Overweight

A Parliamentary briefing paper "Obesity Statistics" by Carl Baker, 20 January 2017, reports that men are more overweight than women, with 68% of men being classed as overweight or obese against 58% of women. But how many men do you know who are on a diet or attend...

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