A Parliamentary briefing paper “Obesity Statistics” by Carl Baker, 20 January 2017, reports that men are more overweight than women, with 68% of men being classed as overweight or obese against 58% of women. But how many men do you know who are on a diet or attend slimming clubs? If the answer is not many, why do you think this is?

  • Is it because it is more acceptable for a man to be overweight?
  • Is it because men attend the gym instead of slimming clubs?
  • Is it because men are embarrassed and don’t like to talk about it?
  • Is it because men simply don’t care?
  • Is it because men just get on and change their lifestyle without any support?

Although there are reasons that are unexplained, scientists have identified that men are at a greater risk of dying prematurely due to excess weight, they are at a higher risk of a diabetes diagnosis and have higher levels of dangerous liver fat.

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