60 Day Challenge

Whoo hoo!!! Welcome to the 60 Days ‘Free From’ Sugar Challenge! I am so excited to begin this!

Firstly I want to share with you the Do’s & Don’ts, some starting tips and the first 7 days meal planner!

You will be given access to login here, which opens up resources available and the meal planner online, as well as all of the recipes and shopping lists. Using the meal planner here allows you to create your own meal plans from the recipes too, if this is preferred.

Please keep an eye on your emails as you will receive daily content and also engage in the closed Facebook Group to motivate each other and earn points for engagement, with prizes awarded at the end!

So let’s get started…

  • Try not to fall into the habit of cooking a meal just for you and another for the rest of the family. Try and get the whole family on board, they will definitely benefit too.
  • Buy organic where possible.
  • Wash all fresh ingredients… especially if not organic. Those pesky pesticides are so harmful, and also get stored in your fat cells around your middle, not helping your waist line. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they are not there!!
  • Remember, only cook with ordinary olive oil, coconut oil or butter. Extra virgin olive oil should ONLY be used for dressings.
  • All yoghurt, milk and cheese should be full fat.
  • Avoid anything ‘fat free’ or ‘low fat’.
  • Add veg or salad to every meal. Remember, veg and salad add important nutrients to your plate, and the more nutrient rich foods you eat, the happier and more content your body will be.
  • Bread… either make your own wholemeal or buy sourdough or rye bread.
  • Remember… the more bread, rice and pasta you eat in your diet, the slower the weight loss will be. If you are going to eat these carbs, make sure they are wholemeal and just a small portion accompanying your meal.
  • Have an open mind and try different recipes and new ingredients. You may like it!
  • Alcohol – the more you drink, the slower your weight loss will be. The body will always use alcohol as its first port of call for energy instead of stored fat. So drink it wisely.
  • Only stick to real, whole food. No processed food or packets!!
  • When cooking, always taste as you go. Nobody likes an under seasoned meal.
  • Read through the meal plans when you receive them and check out where you can double up on a recipe at dinner time, ready for a snack or lunch the following day. Plan ahead.
  • When you receive the meal plan, you may find that certain recipes are not appropriate for your lifestyle, e.g. You may need a lunch suitable to take to work, and not the one that needs an oven as stated. So remember, when this happens, go the website www.thejoyofsugarfreedom.co.uk and use the drop and drag box to swap.
  • It’s important to have a planning and prep day, it gets you ready for the week. My prep day is always a Sunday. I sit with my pen and pad and plan my weeks food with shopping lists. Once my shopping is done, I’ll take an hour or so to get my bircher’s made up (dry ingredients only!), I’ll make a frittata for the fridge, I will boil about 6 eggs to sit in the fridge or make a tray of bacon and egg cups.


Grab your first 7 Day Meal Plan here!