The Joy of Sugar Freedom

How to release sugar from your life for health, happiness and natural body weight.

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The Joy of Sugar Freedom

The Joy of Sugar Freedom

Ditch the diet forever! Hi, I am Jules. I have been where you are today… trawling the internet for the next fad diet. Then one day I decided to experiment. What if I removed processed foods and added sugars from my lifestyle?

As the days and weeks passed, I was overwhelmed by the changes happening in my mind and my body and I just wanted to keep going further and further. I am today sugar free, a weight I am happy with and I feel fantastic, it really is amazing and I can’t wait to share this with you.



I love to share my low sugar recipes. If you would like my weekly meal planner, recipes and shopping lists, join me now!


Visualisation & Meditation

“All that we are today is the result of what we have thought!” Buddha

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Visualisation & Meditation

Ditch The Diet Forever!

Helping people to release sugar from their diet to be happy, healthy and at their natural body weight.

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